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Fagan writes in an easy to read conversational style. It’s almost as if he were speaking right to the reader, providing sensical advice on how some may be able to “flip the switch” and change their lives.

-Jeff Morgan, University Professor


This book is a great, quick read! Author Ben Fagan does an excellent job at relating to the reader, explaining how to find true fulfillment from previously seen failures or setbacks. Flipping the Switch is an easy read but powerful book with answers to questions you did not know you had! The topics are applicable to life in general, not just in sports. I would recommend this book to anyone.

-Luke K.


Ben Fagan has words of wisdom for those struggling to reframe their world. With a flair for storytelling...and a sly wink to the reader...he is able to convey important information that you would think is a bit beyond his given years. Although written in the context of college experiences and the demanding sport of baseball, Flipping the Switch offers valuable lessons and insights for ALL of matter where we are in life. Kudos on a great debut and for offering all of us strategies for turning the lights on in our lives!

-Kim C., Occupational Therapist


I found this book to be a light of inspiration for anyone who has struggles with confidence in achieving their personal goals. As the author takes us through his journey through success and failure, he encapsulates his revelations at each point with daily affirmations that can relate to any one of us , in any personal struggle. His prose of progress is easy to follow, and I especially found the worksheets at the conclusion of the book an easy guide that can apply apply to a parent trying to help a young student to an mid-lifer trying to find meaning and fulfillment in their life changes. Looking forward to reading Mr. Fagan's next work!

-Christine S., Law office manager


In Flipping the switch Mr. Fagan presents a common sense concept that helps the reader improve and change their life. The book is well written, funny and touching and opens to the reader the knowledge that success resides in all of us.

-Mike R., MSW

Having played with and continuing to work closely with author Ben Fagan, his genuine desire to share his story and perspective to help others shines through in his work. Redefining success is something that not only can be applied to large goals, life and whether or not we “made it”, but in every little moment in life so that we can maintain a quality perspective and continue to push forward in our best light.

-Karl Ellison, Professional Baseball Player

This book showcased how powerful a positive mindset can be in collegiate sports and how it can be applied to life after athletics.

-Tara L., Former NCAA Swimmer/Graduate Student


Ben does a fantastic job describing what it’s like transitioning from identifying primarily as an athlete to converting back to a regular member of society. The advice he gives made me as a reader feel very connected because his words and phrases sounded so personal and vulnerable. Leaving the scene of being an athlete is not something that everyone can do easily and takes a lot of mental confidence and toughness. I would definitely recommend this book to all student athletes who are on the verge of graduating and accomplishing their eligibility.

-Angela, College Student-Athlete


This book is a simple and fantastic read, the thing that was most important to me was the way that Ben used his training and his experience as an athlete and transformed it into something that may not necessarily be tangible but will yield tangible results in life. As someone who was a former athlete both at the high school and collegiate level juggling athletic commitment is something I’m used to. However, I was never able to translate my success in athletics into my professional endeavors. This book is helping me to bridge that gap and transfer those skills by giving me a roadmap/blueprint. It is made even more impactful by the fact that I know this individual and they were in my shoes only a year ago. It just gives me A sense of ease to know that someone who I can relate so heavily with has “made it” to some degree. 12/10 would recommend to anyone who is looking for a fresh start or a way to improve themselves which everyone should be striving to do at all times.

-Howard S.


With how short the book is compared to others, Flipping The Switch delivers with great insightful and motivational content. Ben’s experiences in his life are very relatable, especially to athletes who compete at a high level such as college athletics. I would recommend this book to anybody who is struggling with self-doubt and those who feel they lack fulfillment. Overcoming adversity is not just something we go through with sports, it’s something we go through in life, and Ben highlights using what he learned from baseball and how to use it in life in general. As an athlete, Ben’s setbacks and obstacles hit close to home, and Ben’s lessons show how you must overcome those inner demons in order to find your own success.

-Manny M.


I am an athlete myself and have sometimes struggled with my positive mindset and overcoming obstacles on and off the field. After reading this book i have learned so much about trusting my process in the game and in life. I have learned how to celebrate little victories and forgive myself for mistakes. I recommend this book to anyone who needs a little more motivation or wants to get on the path towards success. Definitely worth a read!!!

-Tina Y.

Flipping the Switch was a refreshing read, that gives great hope for our country’s future.  Seeing the author progress through stages of self-realization at such a young age speaks to his maturity and self-awareness that typically surfaces later in life.   Younger readers have someone to look up to, with experiences they can relate to, and older readers can find powerful take-aways from Ben’ storytelling.  Flipping the Switch is a quick read that motivates you to be better, and to define your own greatness. 

- Dr. Charles Barr, College of Business and Management, Sports Management


Ben Fagan, a university student athlete, had a passionate love affair with Baseball to the point of charter membership in the “Baseball is Life “ Club and then encountered the daunting discovery of life after sports.  He wrote this compelling book about his painful but ultimately enlightening journey:  “Flipping the Switch: How to Redefine Success to Find True Fulfillment.”  It is an often agonizing transition to a rewarding life after sports that he shares in the book with no holds barred. It is hands-on and how-to playbook to guide aspiring athletes to turn their on-field dreams into personal road maps of discovering self-awareness in and out of uniform. He digs his cleats deep into the grass and dirt and leaves footsteps for all those seeking a way to navigate similar uncharted territory.  It is a must read for university student athletes (on the field and on the bench), coaches, faculty, parents, and friends and fans of dedicated sports enthusiasts.

- Jerry Hildebrand, Director, Social Impact Lab, Lynn University


This book was full of insightful information, and it provided me with a perception of how to instill more confidence into my life. This book is good for anybody wanting to find direction, and also good for those that just want a little jumpstart in their life or career. You will find ways to put positivity in your everyday life, and to learn how to handle the bumps along the way. This is a must-read!

-Jeannette D., Elementary School Teacher


I read the book and it was a very excellent book by Ben Fagan. I was very informative with a lot insight on how to be successful and building success throughout life. Ben wrote the book from heart about his life on what he went through and on how he overcame adversity in College Baseball and beyond. I've known Ben personality for a few years since he started in College Baseball at Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL, and followed his journey since then. After reading his book. I invited him on the Best Buddies Bud Talk where he spoke not one but two times on how to build success. He presented to the people Best Buddies International that is one to one friendship, leadership development, job employment, and living inclusion for people with developmental disabilities. I recommend everybody on getting the book. It won't disappoint you.

-Ryan H., Social Media Marketer

This was a very excellent book by Ben Fagan. The book was very inspiring and written from the heart about the rough experiences that he had to go through to get to where he is at the moment. This is a very good book for anyone trying to find their path in life whether it be in career field or just life in general. This is a book that I would recommend for anyone to read.

-G. Quiñones


I love this book, it is a great book that goes into detail about how we can “flip the switch”. It teaches you great life lessons that everyone who has played sports can relate to. It is a fun read and you never get bored. It feels like you are having a conversation with the author face to face.

-Juan, M.


This book really helps you see your struggles and path from a new perspective. It goes over key methods to take the negative aspect of your life and turn them into positives. I really enjoyed this book and what it has to offer.

-Mia V.


The book is a great read. The author uses past failures and setbacks as motivation. Flipping the switch is an empowering book. Highly recommend this book to anyone seeking direction in life.

-Christian R.


Ben this book fantastic and I learned a lot. You're a very bright young man with a bright future.



One of the most amazing book that I have read in the past decade.

-Nai P.J.

Flipping the Switch by Ben Fagan was a great read. This book was able to open my eyes and look at life more open minded. As an athlete the book connected more with the setbacks and obstacles one must overcome to be more successful. The story is still an amazing read for those that do not play sports too! Reading this book put a new perspective on life and how one should live it open minded. I would definitely recommend this quick easy read for anyone because the takeaways are amazing!


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