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Surviving v.s. Thriving

It is without a doubt that today’s current environment is nothing short of challenging. Challenging even might be too weak of a word. Regardless of the adjective used to describe what is going on around the world, there remains a significant opportunity for growth.

This growth can only be accessed if a specific distinction is made. Far too often, we fall into the trap of only seeing what is wrong with our situation, in turn, becoming blind all that is right. When this happens, we let the negativity consume us; we become a product of our environment.

Growth beings when we begin to believe that we are not merely surviving under our current circumstances, but rather, thriving.

The difference between surviving and thriving is a conscious choice that we all have the ability to make. The results are determined by where we place our focus.

In times of trial and tribulation, it is not about ignoring the negative and only focusing on the positive. Instead, it is about acknowledging the negative, understanding that it exists, and making the conscious decision to focus on the good. Good is all around us, we must value it no matter the size.

Good can be big, like having good health, or a loving support system. Good can also be small, like a warm sun and a bright blue sky on a summer day.

It is so important to take time each day and make a list of all that is good in your life. This does not make the negativity away, but it allows you to better live with it.

Challenge yourself each day to make your list of good longer than the day before. If you do this, you will begin to see that, regardless of your circumstances, or the world’s current status, you are not just surviving, but rather thriving!


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